Drunken driving accidents result in injury at regular intervals. In most pessimistic scenarios, driving impaired causes lethal mishaps where somebody gets killed like clockwork. Every one of those injuries and passing’s can be avoided; in any case, the outcomes of drunk driving are as yet bothersome. Gone are those occasions when the nearby policeman would delicately give you a warning and send you home on the off chance that you were ceased for drunk driving.

The most extreme discipline in those past times worth remembering would be a ticket or a fine. In any case, with the alarming rate of drunk driving mishaps, a drink driving solicitor is taking an exceptionally strict view on drunk driving. The penalties too have turned out to be not kidding and will continue to be so.

A lot of drivers are very irresponsible when it comes to road safety. They believe that as long as they can still see the road clearly, and they can still walk straight, they are free to take their vehicle on the road, even when they have had a couple of alcoholic drinks. According to recent studies, when a person drinks about 5-7 drinks, his or her brain will become numb to an extent that he or she is unable to hold a pen and write properly. With this fact, driving after drinking alcoholic beverages only puts the driver and other people on the road at risk.

Can a Person Get Arrested for DUI Even if their Driving is Perfect?
The answer is a resounding yes. Most people who were arrested for a drunken driving protest that their driving was fine. However, alcohol can give a person false confidence; the driver might believe that their driving was perfect when it truth, it was far from it.

The legal limit for most drivers is 0.05 because of the risks associated with this blood alcohol concentration or BAC. However, each state imposes different maximum permissible BAC for drivers. For this reason, a person can be arrested for DUI even when they do not feel that they are affected by the alcohol they have consumed. It is also advisable to avoid driving altogether if the driver has had a drink. This is because alcohol affects people in different ways, and it can be quite difficult to judge your own BAC without the help of law enforcement or a drink driving solicitor.

Penalties for drunk driving in the UK
When a driver is stopped by a police officer for being suspected of drunk driving, the officer will first determine the driver’s blood alcohol concentration through a breath analyser, blood, or urine test. A police officer typically carries breaths can kit since it is the quickest way for the law enforcer to take an accurate measure of the driver’s BAC.

If the BAC of the driver is over the legal limit of 0.05, his or her driver’s license can be suspended or confiscated for anywhere between a week and a year. The driver’s car may also be impounded, confiscated, or sold. Vehicle sanctions may also be required if the offender’s vehicle is a specially marked license plate. In addition, the driver will also face fines, jail time, court costs, and other penalties. With laws getting amazingly strict as to drunk driving, there is no chance you will have the capacity to beat the rap. On the off chance that you would prefer not to be sentenced to drunk driving then you ought to totally abstain from driving subsequent to drinking.