The PA network at Manchester on Thursday revealed the winners of the year 2018. The colorful event took place on the 1st of November at Old Trafford, Manchester with an aim to promote local talents of VAs and other experts in the entire region. The PA network has contributed a lot in celebrating innovative talents in the region.

Several categories grouped in the order of previous events, based either on individual performance on the rate of excellence per team were awarded at that time. This a great step as the events are now run independently based on non-profit activities. However, through cohesive partnerships, sponsorship from various sources from the region and globally have highly made the events even mogre successful than previous years.

As a night to remember, more than 500 representatives from various leading organizations and other groups in Manchester gathered together to celebrate and promote the excellence of their fellow people by supporting and recognizing their talents. Hosted by Gethin Jones, a radio and a Television Presenter, even made it possible to give chance to over 600 professionals from all over the country to come and celebrate those who have actively taken part in their roles and desire support the business industry.

Melanie Sheehy, the Co-founder of the PA Network at Manchester took the chance to thank the nominees for their great achievement, hard work and passion towards making their country a better one even in the future. This was purposed to support and provide the elevation of business in the entire region. Congratulations also came to not only the nominees but also to all those who had been shortlisted and those who had a chance to win awards at the event.

Through the help of the organizers, a total of 5,300 Euros which was aimed towards the fund for Christie. A target of 200 thousand Euros was set to be reached by the year 2020 for the charity. The Network has moved even a further step to recognize rising talents outside Manchester region. Through the introduction of award for External PA Network, Birmingham Forum had the chance to grab the award.

The biggest award went to Jo Wilson, from Brown Law family who won the PA of the year, Manchester. Wilson was so excited as she received the award as a surprise, a great recognition for the family law solicitors Manchester‌ scene. ‌ Here is some of the other winners for PA awards at Manchester. They include the following:

– Catherine Hunt as the leader of year
– Jules Aston for the Virtual Assistant
– Jo Booth for the fundraiser of the year award
– Fiona Hardman for the best event Award
– Doug Hann for the Business Leader overall award
– Stella Corbert won the life achievement award