It is the responsibility of all adults to take care of children below 18 years of age according to the English law. It implies that it doesn’t matter whether the child is your’s or not, the child deserves to be protected in whatever contest they may be into. There are various ways in which you can ensure the child is protected, like for instance, taking them out of street or domestic violence.

To figure out what is a child custody, you should understand that these are when you have full ownership of the child through a court order. There are various instances on when you can have full custody of a child that is not yours. Some seem like kidnapping but it’s not. Let’s take a look below on the various instances that you can take custody of a child that is not yours, with guidance from family law solicitors Prestwich or any other respected family law experts around the country.

Children in Care
As an adult, you may feel that you owe a duty of care to children who do not live with their own family, since they are young children in a world without the same level of protection or support. When it comes to homeless or unaccompanied children, depending with the hours you found them, it can be late evening, you can take them in as a temporary custody, then you can inform the authorities of your intention by calling them.

If you get in contact with the police officers, you are not going to be charged as you acted in the interest of the child. Sometime it might even happen the child had been separated from their parents and they were searching for him/her. You can take an orphan into custody depending on the state they were left. They can be relatives or even outsiders but taking them into custody does not require such details. Before you take them into custody, try to find out if a will was left of who should look after them.

If it doesn’t exist, consider taking them into custody. It can be done through adoption or court order. There exist various orphanages that accept couples to adopt a child. All that you are required to do is fill in some forms and you get the full custody of the child. Such authority gives you a chance to also give the baby your surname. During the process of adoption, you are always free to ask the care service about exactly what interests the baby or child the most. By that, you’ll understand the child better and adapt to their characters, then you can train them to whom you wish.

Taking custody of a child is the best that an adult can give back to the society. Moreover, if more children are adopted then, the society is going to be safe from insecurity cases. Don’t feel afraid of adopting, an innocent child needs your help and it is your responsibility to make them feel accepted and protected in the society.